Your PAC at Work: Saving You Money

As a Realtor, your Florida Realtors PAC works for you – many times behind the scenes – to advocate for pocketbook issues that affect Realtors and homeowners. The bottom line is these efforts pay you back every day you do business.

How much money do you save? Click each item below as it applies to your business, and see how your savings add up.

This is why we call our campaign efforts “an investment in your profession.” Invest now with your fair-share donation, or give more to become a Major Investor. You’ll get so much back in return.


What is your estimated 2017 commission?
What are your estimated number of 2017 transactions?
Savings from defeating sales tax on services:
Savings from defeating a proposed transfer tax:
If you are a non-broker, what was your most recent city business occupational tax?
If you are a non-broker, what was your most recent business county occupational tax?
Savings from reduction of business and occupational tax:
Did you have to file a tangible personal property return tax last year?  Yes  No
Savings from exempting tangible personal property:
If you are set-up as a corporation, what was your corporate income last year?
Savings from corporate, tangible tax exemptions:
If you are a property manager, how many evictions did you perform last year?
Savings from property manager reduced eviction costs:
How many GSA (FHA, VA, USDA) loans greater than $425,000 did you sell last year?
Savings from expanding GSE loan limit:
Total savings:
Estimated savings are based on calculations from data collected by NAR and Florida Realtors®.