1970: RPAC committee formed According to Florida Gov. Kirk, the citizens of Florida have received countless benefits through Realtors' participation in public affairs. This same year, the Florida Association of Realtors RPAC advocacy group was formed.

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1980: Property tax exemption With encouragement from private- and public-interest groups, the Florida Legislature placed a constitutional amendment on the ballot increasing the homestead exemption to $25,000. The measure passed and was enacted in 1982.

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1992: Landmark legislation Passage of the William E. Sadowski Affordable Housing Act provided funding for state and local affordable housing programs. Since 1992, the fund has enabled nearly 200,000 families to buy homes.

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2002: Service tax nixed Approved by legislators in 2002, this proposed tax was a true pocketbook issue for Realtors, whose commissions could be taxed. Florida Realtors filed a lawsuit to strike the tax resolution from the ballot. In the end, the tax was ruled unconstitutional.

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2003: Transfer tax defeated The proposed "real estate transfer tax" posed a significant threat to Florida homeowners. Under the guise of an impact fee on new-home construction and resales, this bill might have cost homeowners up to $1,400 in closing costs.

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2005: Protecting commissions For years, commercial brokers lost money at the closing table. That changed with the passage of the Florida Commercial Real Estate Sales Commission Lien Law.

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2008: Take home exemptions with you Thanks to the passage of "Save Our Homes Portability," Amendment 1, two great tax reforms became available to homesteaded property owners. Homeowners can "port" their property tax cap savings when they move, while also doubling the previous exemption for most homestead properties to $50,000.

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2009: Downpayment assistance First-time Florida homebuyers could use their federal $8,000 tax credit as a bridge loan for a downpayment or closing costs. The Florida Homebuyer Opportunity Program (FLHOP) allowed eligible first-time Florida homebuyers to get an advance on their federal tax credit and then reimburse the state.

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2010: Hometown Democracy defeated Voters overwhelmingly rejected Amendment 4. Opponents, including Florida Realtors, claimed the law would hurt an already ailing economy and cause breakdowns in local governments over growth issues. The measure would have cost everyone more in the end - time and money.

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2011: The 'cap' is scrapped Five years of vigilant lobbying finally paid off. Lifting the $243 million cap on the Sadowski Housing Trust Fund means more money to support workforce housing programs for teachers, firefighters, first responders and all the hardworking Floridians who want to become homeowners.

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2012: More money in your pocket Sales associates and broker associates won't be paying local business taxes. Repealing this occupational license fee saved real estate licensees $3.8 million annually.

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2014: Flood Insurance Rate Relief Delaying enactment of the Biggert-Waters Act eased the burden of skyrocketing premiums for thousands of homeowners.

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